Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to Radio G.A.M!

Welcome to the official Radio GAM blog! We're very happy that we could make this happen! And thank you to the wonderful Gwen AKA ilovebears9 for making the blog! It looks great doesn't it? Well let us tell you a little about Radio GAM:

1. It will air every Friday at 4:30PM EST/ every Friday at 9:30PM GMT on our official Tinychat

2. Radio GAM is a debate radio station!

3. Don't leave just because we said debate! Every Friday we will have a new topic about something that went on in Stardoll or a new feature on Stardoll and, well debate about it! Any one who wishes to debate and has something to say about the topic may go on camera or microphone.

4. Don't worry it will still be a bit fun! There will also be a best/worst dressed list! Each week we will pick a theme and everyones outfit must match accordingly if you would like to have a chance at the best/worst dressed list!

6. We live by our motto, so think of this motto when your doing your fabulous makeup: We put the G.A.M in glam.

That is all we must notify everyone of! If you can please write about our Radio Station on your blog, that would be gladly appreciated! So have fun, and we will notify you with the link to our Tinychat and when our first Radio GAM session will start.

ilovebears9 ~ alexapie200 ~ loveshorses5


  1. Hi!
    I pondered over wether I should comment this in Anon but I decided not to.
    MAYbe it will rech in to you if I show my username :)

    First off all, don't mention Radio Perez in YOUR welcome post, that is just tacky. Don't try to make us think that you are not like RP, we know you are not! :) No one can make a shit radio program like Perez, 'The hostess that never showed'... That is no fun, so if you three actually show up when your radio is on air, you'll be fine!

    And, the best make-up.......... I HATE changing my makeup, I do it like once every 6Th. month! Idk, that is my opinion, maybe all the others like to change their makeup all the time :P Anyway, I WOULD sign up for a best dressed list if it were about clothes, but not a makeup list :S

    Selena, <3

  2. I agree with Selena. Sort of. If you say that this is not like Radio Perez, that's only going to make people think that you are lying. I'm not one of those people, but there are some out there. However, I still think the Best Makeup is a bit better. It requires some of Stardoll's more stingy members, such as myself, to spend less money.

    But that's Just me.

    Duck Faces and Chucked-Up Deuces,

  3. @Selena and Maansi:

    Thank you for your wonderful feedback! I completely agree with everything you have both said! ;) We now have made it a best dressed list because it will be very fun to judge the outfits! And we took out the Radio Perez part! Thank you for your feedback!

    ilovebears9 - alexapie200 - loveshorses5

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  5. I like the idea and I can't wait for it to start, is it on this Friday?

  6. I think it's a good idea. You guys just need to change this blog, it's in terrible need of a makeover xD

  7. Sakutaro is right. The graphic on top is nice, kind of gothic and vintage at the same time. But, the rainbow dots background throws it off, as well as the hot pink music player. Oh, and the text for the comments is in black. So I can't quite read them! ;-);-);-)

  8. Can't wait! Although, I wont be able to make the radio :( I go out with my family every Friday night either for a meal or just something to do like walk the dog, or stay in a hotel & shop/go to the cinema the next day. Sorry! :(

    Saying that, if it would be allowed, could I enter the bd/wd still?? :)